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Developer Info
      ClayTek 3D Game Library and Editor is striving to become a full featured game programming library and game editor. However, ClayTek 3D is very new (2004) and it will be some time until I have anything functional. Version v1.00 functionality looks far off, and I may release a version 0.0.1 soon that will feature the editor and simple manipulations of boxes to create a world where the player can walk around and jump on stuff. I'm a newbie so this is a big learning experience for me, but as long as there's sourceforge, I'll continue working on this project.

      Here's a breif outline of what to expect from the ClayTek v0.0.1 release
           - gravity
           - player class (derived from camera class)
           - textured cubes with collision
           - textured spheres with collision
           - font rendering
           - ambient sound tags
           - little demo where you run around this simple world as a player

      Here's a breif outline of what you might expect from the ClayTek Editor v0.0.1 release
           - saving/loading worlds
           - ability to manipulate ambient sound tags and their properties
           - ability to manipulate 3D shapes
           - ability to retexture 3D shapes
           - ability to set a gravitational constant

ClayTek 3D Library and Editor are being developed on the Linux platform (Slack 8.0-9.0 specifically), however all the libraries I use are platform-independent which means someone else could maintain a port to Windows, MacOS, or any other platform with ease. If someone does manage to port it, tell me so I can put it on sourceforge for the benifit of all.