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Developer Info

Developer Info

        Hello, my name is Clay Smith (clayasaurus) and I started this project my senior year in high school, which is now (2004). The reason I started this project is because I have a strange fascination with 3d computer graphics. Demos are cool, and so are levels. I want to create something that will easily allow me to create demos and levels, to manipulate 3d graphics into an interactive world that I can share with other people. I've always had fun creating levels for games, but there are a couple problems with that.

#1) You have to buy games
#2) New games require the latest and greatest hardware to run smoothly (and new games are where all the fun is at)
#3) Games tend to obsolete themselves within a year or two, (think ut2003, ut2004)
#4) The level editors are hard to learn, or don't support _X_ effect, or have bugs
#5) Even though some games run on linux, the level editors are still windows only

My goal is to have a game engine and level editor that

#1) Is free for all to use
#2) Doesn't require latest/greatest hardware to run (but the possibility for it is there)
#3) Doesn't become obsolete within a year or two (constantly updated)
#4) Isn't hard to learn, support requested effect, bugs found will be fixed eventually
#5) The level editor could be ported to platforms besides linux

        Currently I am the only developer of the project, and I'm thinking of keeping it that way. This project is one big learning experience for me, as well it could be portfolio material. In the future when I have more, I wouldn't mind having cross-platform porters and QA testers, and you can send me bug reports/fixes anytime you want. Also, if you implemented a really cool feature or effect and want it in the cvs I can do it, just email me, and I can start a 'contributors' page on this site as well as in the cvs for your recognition.

        I'm going to be going off to college soon. I'm going to major in Computer Science, where I might learn to code better (hopefully). So if I learn somethings from college I will apply it to this project. I also have a fascination with artificial intelligence that I might get to realize more in college. I personally, can't wait to start creating levels with my own stuff, and you can expect this project to last through college and beyond.

        P.S. My favorite animal is the penguin, and has been since the 1989-1990's, way before linux.