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Monday 5-17-04                                     Oh boy, oh dear. I've (D)one it.
     Ok. Well just when I was a bit complete with the C++ code, I decided to switch to another programming language. It is called D (www.digitalmars.com/d). It is really cool and it is extremely easy to switch from C++ to D. It is binary compatible with C so I can still use OpenGL and SDL. I choose D because it is much cleaner than c-c++ and is easy to maintain. It is very new and modern, and takes all the good things from c-c++ without the bad things. No more C++ trickery.
          -- clayasaurus

Sunday 3-29-04                                     Getting close to a 0.0.1 release ...
     Hello. After humbling myself a bit I decided to call the next release 0.0.1 instead of 0.1. I got the idea from ogre3d and decided it was a more accurate depiction of progress, one-onehundredth of the overall goal. I'm getting really close to the next release anyway, I've pretty much all I want for the basic 'first time' type thing. That is, I have boxes that I can texture their different sides and an editor to manipulate them. Now all I need is serialization, gravity, playerclass, and sound tags for my next release. On another thought, maybe I'm not so close afterall. Oh well, things are going slowly but surely. Till next time... (hopefully release!)
          -- clayasaurus

Friday 3-06-04                                     Editor Development will now start...
    I havn't been able to work on the editor in the longest time, there was something that got in the way. I needed a good solid easy to use cross platform toolkit to develop my GUI with. I couldn't find one for a long time, and started playing with GTK and QT while simultaneously developing my own GL based GUI. I did this for about half a year, and have built my own widget or two out of it. However, last week I found FLTK-1.2 and FLUID rapid development GUI builder, and since then I have been able to successfully develop a GUI program that could do menus, submenus, GL views that you can click n' drag to change positions of a cube, buttons, sliders, open dialogues, and anything else I throw at it. Now that I have a good GUI, I can start development on my Editor, which will be the official start of REAL development of ClayTek. As you know, I'm planning for a v0.10 release. See about page for more details.
          -- clayasaurus

Monday 3-02-04                                     ClayTek 3D Site Launched!!!
    Thanks to Blake I have managed to use his design template from warcoders.sourceforge.net and incorporate it into my own web page!!! Anyway, I decided that I was posting too much pointless news on sourceforge so now I can post it here, and only release information on sourceforge. I don't really have anything else to say. If you are curious with where I'm taking ClayTek 3D in the future check out the PLANNING type files in the CVS repository.
          -- clayasaurus